Sunday, April 15, 2012

Andrew Taylor | Musicthingz | STILL ripping people off!!

So it's become very apparent to the contributors to this blog that Andrew Taylor | Musicthingz | is STILL ripping people off!  Surprise, surprise!  How do we know?  We get comments from people that have been ripped off on these blog posts.

So with that in mind please feel free to post your new ripped off experiences as comments on this post.

Remember, if you have paid by credit card then your bank can reverse the charges.
If not, email him, the police (because his activity is fraudulent, which is illegal) and the commerce commission.

If you would like to have a post dedicated to your experience with Andrew Taylor | Musicthingz | then please feel free to email me at

Yours sincerely,


Thursday, August 11, 2011 ... here we go again ...

Well ... after all the bad publicity, Musicthingz have rebranded. This time calling themselves

Same details ... just a new logo and a cut n paste of the name.

Ah well ... how long can he last?

Monday, June 27, 2011

New name? Same game? ...

Ever heard of What about

We have, it's Musicthingz. If you have a look at some of the email links, they now go to ... and which is interesting. Why would you make a move to change your business name? Possibly because Musicthingz is pretty badly tarnished?

But it's nothing new, he's done that before with a company called a few years ago. Initially he denied it in emails, but then started referring to them as their 'sister site'. Then suddenly, the site disappeared.

Here's another funny thing ... look at all the people on his Facebook site that have 'liked' them ... they are 90% foreign. I clicked on 10 people and didn't find one from New Zealand.

Jus sayin' ...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Musicthingz on FairGo ...

... well it had to happen. Eventually enough complaints got to FairGo and they investigated Musicthingz. Except that Musicthingz avoided talking to them like the plague. He's a link to the video ...

Click me ...

... now there's a few things here of interest.

1 - Confirmation he works out of his parents house.

2 - He blatantly refused an interview and his phone manner suggests someone who was worried. Why would he be worried? He hasn't done anything wrong, or diddled anyone? Or has he?

3 - The laughable 'chased down the street by a broom'? That is a windsock or a fluffy. And. He sells them. One such model is the Rode Dead Cat - slightly different colour but the same principle.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Another dismal customer experience ...

Have a read of this ... a disgruntled customer took the time to note his emails with Musicthingz. The most amazing bit is that he rang MT, someone said 'hang on' and he was on the phone for over half an hour listening to someone switching channels on the TV.

Professionalism Award Of The Year goes to ... Musicthingz.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Musicthingz stories ...

... if you have looked at Musicthingz facebook page, you will see a number of happy customers ... but not one bad one.


Because they only put the good stories up there.

If you have a true story, please send it to along with any emails so that we can post them up here.

Please do not exaggerate and pass on third party stories. We only want factual accounts of bad experiences to balance the bias on the Facebook page.

And watch out for Fair Go coverage this Wednesday night.