Sunday, April 15, 2012

Andrew Taylor | Musicthingz | STILL ripping people off!!

So it's become very apparent to the contributors to this blog that Andrew Taylor | Musicthingz | is STILL ripping people off!  Surprise, surprise!  How do we know?  We get comments from people that have been ripped off on these blog posts.

So with that in mind please feel free to post your new ripped off experiences as comments on this post.

Remember, if you have paid by credit card then your bank can reverse the charges.
If not, email him, the police (because his activity is fraudulent, which is illegal) and the commerce commission.

If you would like to have a post dedicated to your experience with Andrew Taylor | Musicthingz | then please feel free to email me at

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  1. At the start of april, I bought an M-Audio Delta soundcard from globalsound, as the site looked pretty legit and had what I wanted for cheap. My friend did too, on the same day. Funny thing is after a bit of a wait, my friend complained and got his, about three weeks later than he should have. I made the mistake of not complaining, thinking my friends complain would be sufficient.
    Obviously it wasn't, as weeks afterwards I still hadn't recieved my soundcard. This was when I started to complain, at first he(Andrew Taylor) told me that he had already sent it, so I waited another week. Nothing showed up, then I emailed him some more, he apologized for the delay, before telling me he'd send it the week after, or refund me.
    So I waited, still nothing came. So I emailed him asking for a refund, he said he would as soon as he could. I waited another few weeks, and then earlier this week, I did some research and found out how dodgy this guy was, So I emailed him, telling him I'd report him to the commerse commission. He replied(Pretty swiftly this time) saying he'd refund me overnight. He didn't, and hasn't replied to any emails since.

    What else can I do?
    This dicks gotta go down.

    Sorry about the long post. :)

  2. My only advice is if you have paid by credit card then you can get the bank to reverse the charges, otherwise if you have purchased any item from Musicthingz/ nzsounds / global sound trade and think that there may be an issue raised under the Fair Trading Act please contact the Commerce Commission via or by email at

    I hope you get your money back.