Monday, June 27, 2011

New name? Same game? ...

Ever heard of What about

We have, it's Musicthingz. If you have a look at some of the email links, they now go to ... and which is interesting. Why would you make a move to change your business name? Possibly because Musicthingz is pretty badly tarnished?

But it's nothing new, he's done that before with a company called a few years ago. Initially he denied it in emails, but then started referring to them as their 'sister site'. Then suddenly, the site disappeared.

Here's another funny thing ... look at all the people on his Facebook site that have 'liked' them ... they are 90% foreign. I clicked on 10 people and didn't find one from New Zealand.

Jus sayin' ...


  1. Sh!t. Wish I'd come across this before I made a pricey purchase through this guy!. Luckily the goods turned up but I hope they just don't break in the next 12 months as I obviously don't have a warranty. Need to take some fault myself for not checking out the company before buying. Easy to say in hindsight, but this whole deal felt dodgy with the amount of time it took for the goods to arrive, the emails that didn't tie up with supposed Courier Delivery dates and the fact it had been opened, obviously to insert a cheap US to NZ power plug adaptor!

    I sincerely hope this Blog stays around so no-one else puts money this guys way. Dicks like this p!ss me off.

  2. nothing sold by a legitemate NZ reseller should ever have a US to NZ addaptor it would always be a proper NZ mains power plug.

  3. Unfortunately I made a purchase from before reading this blog.

    Here's how it went:
    I enquired about shipping and taxes and got many quick replies
    Made my purchase and got an automated email confirmation response.
    Got an email from them saying they required my photo ID even though the credit card was not under my name. I asked why and got no reply, but I sent it anyway.
    I wanted it shipped within a week, which they said was not possible to they refunded my money.
    I placed another order with a different shipping address to suit their shipping time frame.
    Got another automated response and a few days later received an email from musicthingz
    Was confused about the different company name so I emailed them and they said the item would arrive to their location later in that week for shipment to my address.

    It's now been 2 weeks, I've emailed them 3 times to ask how the process is going. I just want to know whether it has arrived to them or not, and I was not rushing them to send it to me.
    I received no reply to any of my emails.

    What can i do to get them to refund my money?