Monday, June 6, 2011

Musicthingz on FairGo ...

... well it had to happen. Eventually enough complaints got to FairGo and they investigated Musicthingz. Except that Musicthingz avoided talking to them like the plague. He's a link to the video ...

Click me ...

... now there's a few things here of interest.

1 - Confirmation he works out of his parents house.

2 - He blatantly refused an interview and his phone manner suggests someone who was worried. Why would he be worried? He hasn't done anything wrong, or diddled anyone? Or has he?

3 - The laughable 'chased down the street by a broom'? That is a windsock or a fluffy. And. He sells them. One such model is the Rode Dead Cat - slightly different colour but the same principle.

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  1. Thanks for posting this article. I too was not getting any responses from MusicThingz but this article spurred me to give up trying. I contacted their payment gateway and asked for a refund. I had my money back within three days, hope that helps someone.