Thursday, August 11, 2011 ... here we go again ...

Well ... after all the bad publicity, Musicthingz have rebranded. This time calling themselves

Same details ... just a new logo and a cut n paste of the name.

Ah well ... how long can he last?


  1. Just found some of Andrew Taylors rantings on the net about his new company and it almost made me fall off my chair laughing...

    "With NZSounds, it's genuine business, 100 percent genuine business...Genuineness is what has made the company go so strong. NZSounds, which retails instruments and pro audio gear, is New Zealand's largest online store. Based in Auckland, the company reaches out to customers in New Zealand and also on the international level. Strict adherence to regulations and sourcing wares from authorised dealers is what makes for the credibility and reputation that the company has gained, over the course of time."

    I think maybe Andrew Taylor should check out the dictionary and find out the real meaning of the words "Genuineness" & "Strict adherence to regulations".
    I don't think there's much doubt about his "credibility" & "reputation".!

  2. Hey Guys yup just got done over by nzsounds then found this site..... bugger.

  3. Wow, I was just about to buy something from this site. I thought the prices looked a bit "too good to be true" and did a quick google...

    Glad I found this blog :)

  4. just got ripped off too, no product ever showed up, wont answer emails or phone , but i have not given up to get justice!

  5. Hi guys.

    Like Lachie I placed my order before finding out about all these complaints about nzsounds/musicthingz.

    I haven't yet received my order, so emailed the company to cancel & ask for a refund. I'm really worried coz it was a lot of money.

    Any advice? If they don't action my refund what can i do?

    Thanks!, and yes I 'll be doing more research now when buying online


    1. Hey did you have any luck getting a refund?

  6. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM NZSOUNDS! Its a scam! Just like musicthingz! same same but new name..

    You Have Been Warned!

  7. Howdy,

    Looks like i have just fallen into Andrew Taylors trap and for a good hunk of cash too. What has been the out come to other people previous experience's, have goods or refunds eventually turned up or does he just take the money and run?

    any advice/pointers would be appreciated!

  8. They are not a company, or a business in any legitimate sense. They are thieves and can never be trusted no matter what brand name they use, be it globalsound or musicthingz or nzsounds.

    When I called my bank to get the transaction wound back after they did not refund my money or deliver my goods, the bank guy I was talking to was shocked when I mentioned the website as I was one of several people to request a transaction dispute with those guys in that same month.

    This was only one bank employee at only one bank in my home town whose day job had turned into clawing back money from this fraudulent scam that steals money from musicians. I can't begin to imagine how many disputes must exist against the company overall across the planet.

    They are criminals and I sincerely hope they are locked up.

  9. A DNS registration search of their domain name reveals that Andrew Taylor lives at 23 Kowhatu Rd, Auckland.

  10. i got my money back from these pricks , it took a lot of emails and a threat of involving Fair Go . Slimy stealing scum bags!

    1. I'm glad you got your stuff back. I'm pretty sure he's already been on Fair Go once, probably not keen on being on there again ...

  11. Damn I got caught out by this guy. Still attempting to get my money back. Have any of you guys had any luck getting money back or do we have to visit him?

    1. Only after a lengthy email exchange, getting Fair Go, the Commerce Commission, Target and the police involved.

      If you paid by credit card you can get the bank to reverse the charges because you didn't receive the goods.

  12. Our church recently purchased a Yamaha piano from a New Zealand based online supplier called Global Sound Trade. We paid $966 for it on May 17th by internet banking & did not receive it.
    We googled the company & found the guy's name is Andrew Taylor & found a TVNZ clip from Fair Go where numerous complaints had been made about this business.
    He has given an address of 66 Victoria St Onehunga on his invoice, which turned out to be the address of a courier company. Websites that outline his dodgy practices say his real address is 23 Kowhatu Rd, One Tree Hill.
    We did have some email contact with him where he promised to send it on certain dates, but it never happened, and he is now no longer answering.
    His company was previously called Music Things also known as Music Thingz & also known as NZ Sounds.
    The really sad thing about it is, the money for the piano was donated to our church by a member who is a 72 year old lady on a pension, & we have a 15 year old church keyboardist who is eagerly awaiting a new piano.
    Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.

  13. That is absolutely the worst!

    My only advice is if you have paid by credit card then you can get the bank to reverse the charges, otherwise if you have purchased any item from Musicthingz/ nzsounds / global sound trade and think that there may be an issue raised under the Fair Trading Act please contact the Commerce Commission via or by email at

    I hope you get your money back.