Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sella Musicthingz bad feedback

I just had these fowarded to me ... screen shots of some bad feedback that was on MT's Sella profile before it was disabled (just like Paypal, eBay, Trademe, National Bank etc ...) - screen shot 1 - screen shot 2

Typical stories of long delays, and then requests to change feedback. Note the estimated time for deliveries is 7-12 days - these were considerably longer than that.

Facebook RippedoffbyMusicthingz

As we all know, the Facebook page that saved so many people from having the misfortune of being messed around by Musicthingz, was taken down. The response to the page was amazing as there were a lot of people out there that had been ripped off by them.

However, an suitably disgruntled Musicthingz victim managed to cache a page from Facebook and sent me this MHT file which, despite the bad formatting, should serve to show up a few of the types of posts that were on the original page.

MHT files are single files of webpages, so none of the links will work and the formatting will look wrong. However scroll down and you can read of some of the frustrations people had.