Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One of the latest people to have a bad experience with Musicthingz

This is exact way this user wrote their experience.  He hopes that "others will check first before entering into a dodgy deal with MT (Musicthingz)"

Paid by VISA through the MT website for an Akai Headrush Loop Pedal, $399.00

One week later, no communication from MT, reply to email was 'order being couriered out next week'...

Then further replies -

23/2 'This will be couriered out to you by mid next week or I'll do the refund immediately'

12/3 'If you are previous customer of Musicthingz and have not yet received your order we apologise for the delay - last week's shipment had to be delayed due to circumstances out of our control - your order (if unsent) is in transit to us now and all orders are being couriered out later this week. -Andrew'

13/3 'You paid by bank deposit?  Can you let me know when this payment was made I'm having trouble finding anything under your name -Andrew

16/3 'Your refund is being processed today'. -Andrew

23/3 Payment refunded - seven weeks after payment

I feel lucky to have reached this point, you will note from the above, that Andrew's 'immediately' means one month, and several legal threats later 
- I have sent many emails to Andrew, the ones that appeared to have some effect were titled 'URGENT, LEGAL ACTION PENDING

- T.Sanders

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