Monday, November 1, 2010

Auckland Warehouse and more ...

Consider this screen shot of MT front page which was taken on the 1st Nov 2010.

Let's consider some of the highlighted pieces ...

1 - 'making false claims as to the official manufacturers warranty'
The only people in New Zealand and that can claim to offer an OFFICIAL manufacturers warranty is official resellers of that product. Anyone who parallel imports the product, can not offer a manufacturers warranty in New Zealand, because the person/company who offers the warranty, won't look at goods that weren't bought through them.

He parallel imports all the brands and products he does. Suppliers in New Zealand don't want to be associated with him because of his past history, actions, and misdemeanours. That means that for him to honour a manufacturers warranty claim - he has to send it back to wherever he bought it from. At his cost. And then pay to get it back here again. At his cost.

2 - 'our usual 7-14 day timeframe' vs 'dispatched 7-12 days from time of purchase'
Well, that's just genius. So on one hand you say that goods are received with in 7-14 days. If I order on the 1st Jan - I should see it between the 7th & 14th Jan.

But then you say that they are dispatched within 7-12 days from the time of purchase. So if I order on the 1st Jan, it won't leave until the 7th - 12th Jan and then take how long to get here? Could it be another 7-14 days ... which would make it possibly a month to get here?

3 - NZ Orders are dispatched from our Auckland warehouse
This is bordering on a lie. It is inferring that all goods are in a warehouse in Auckland. In fact, they are not. They are ordered in once a customer has paid their money. The only goods that are (possibly) kept in Auckland (and not in a warehouse) would be the goods that people have ordered and then decided they didn't want, or didn't want to deal with MT at all. These would be the items shown as instock on the 'Deal Center'. Which runs nicely into ...

4 - Deal Center, Find the Best Values!
Hmmmm, that's an American spelling for the word 'center'. No one in NZ, who passed high school english would, make that spelling mistake. And 'Find the Best Values', is poor english at best. So it's a stolen graphic, or MT is really an American company with someone that doesn't grasp basic english.

All great confidence inspiring stuff. Not.


  1. Im officially scared for my money now...I'm getting a bit of a run around and only found out it was a bad site AFTER I had paced an order and waited a few weeks..

  2. I have a story to tell, mine emailing me at